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Experience next-level token minting tailored for your unique Web3.0 project, deployable across multiple chains.

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The Complexity of Token Creation

Launching a new token isn't just about code; it's about ensuring compatibility, security, and scalability. With a myriad of chains available, ensuring EVM compatibility and safeguarding against vulnerabilities becomes paramount.

Token Integration

Bridging your token seamlessly across multiple chains requires expert attention.

Security Concerns

With growing DeFi exploits, having a secure contract audited by trusted agencies like Hacken and Certik is essential.

Tailored Solutions

One-size-fits-all solutions can't cater to unique project requirements. Customization is key.

End-User Trust & Exchange Listings

Building user confidence in your token's security and utility is vital for adoption and securing listings on premier exchanges.


How Decubate Elevates Token Minting

Custom ERC-20 Contracts

Beyond the ordinary, we infuse your token contracts with features aligned to your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration with your product ecosystem.

Cross-Chain Deployment

Our EVM-compatible service allows token deployment on various chains, maximizing your reach.

Audit-Ready Contracts

Partnering with the likes of Hacken and Certik, we offer tokens that stand up to rigorous security checks.

Wrapped Token Functionality

We bring the power of wrapped tokens, like wAEG, tailored for specific project ecosystems.

Swift and Efficient Turnaround

Get your token minted and audited within a matter of days, not weeks. With Decubate's streamlined processes and expert team, we prioritize speed without compromising on quality or security.


Why Choose Decubate for Token Minting?


Effortless token deployment across various EVM-compatible chains.


Collaborations with Hacken and Certik ensure your token's iron-clad security.


From wrapped tokens to restricted transfers, get features that resonate with your project's vision.


Proudly serving an expanding network of web3 businesses. With Decubate, you're always in trusted hands.

Weighing the Costs of Minting your Token?

Build yourself

Often, crypto startups underestimate the costs and challenges associated with minting their token. The specifics can quickly stack up.

Contract audit (Certik/Hacken)
Token minting service
Approximate cost

Decubate token minting

Decubate's Token Minting system offers a cost-effective and thoroughly audited alternative. By leveraging our platform, you can save significant costs and receive a token minting solution backed by industry-recognized audits.

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