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Easily launch and manage any token

Decubate is the leading platform to empower  entrepreneurs to easily launch, manage, and grow their web3 business

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Token management tools

Our no-code, plug and play Token Management System (TMS) is a suite of essential web3 white label tools to empower your project.

EVM compatible


NEW: Market making

A trusted partner for empowering your digital assets with healthy liquidity, transparency, and insights.
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Distribute project tokens to investors with confidence.

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Custom development

First we listen, then we assess and get to work with our dedicated blockchain development teams to make your wishes a reality.


Smart contracts


Token & NFT smart contracts


Dynamic NFT staking pool


NFT utility


ICO/IDO/INO platform


Token bridge

Service overview

Decubate offers a wide range of services to empower the growth of your web3 business


Our clients

Empowering 30+ web3 entrepreneurs and counting

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take your project to the next level

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