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Easily launch and manage any token

Decubate is a web3 software company that makes token management easy. Our no-code Token Management System (TMS) enables Web3 projects to launch and manage a token without technical know-how.


decubate is a web3 software



We help web3 projects increase token holder engagement and retention.

Decubate Token Management System (TMS) exists out of a suite of connected white-labeled management tools for minting, vesting, token & NFT staking, governance, tiers system, liquidity farming, on-chain statistics, and much more.

TMS enables innovators to interact with any EVM-compatible blockchain through our highly intuitive, customizable, and incredibly easy to deploy solutions.

Vesting portal

Distribute project tokens to investors with confidence. Our highly customizable token claim portal makes token management easy.

Distribute project tokens to investors with confidence.

HAECHI audited
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Crypto vesting product in the time and space themed environment

staking platform

Retain NFT holders by easily launching staking and liquidity pools on all EVM blockchains through our leading white-label staking platform.

Actively manage project token circulation.

HAECHI audited
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Crypto staking product in the secure vault themed environment

NFT staking now live!

Reduce NFT selling pressure and have an affordable solution to engage with your community.

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Token management DAPPS

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