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We offer premium market-making services, improving your market by using first-class algorithms.

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Graph showing tighter spread, deeper orderbook and efficient markets
Tighter spread
Deeper orderbook
Efficient markets
Graph showing thin liquidity, wide spreads and deficient market
Thin liquidity
Wide spreads
Deficient market


Why it is important to have an efficient market

In the crypto realm, achieving an efficient market isn't just about managing liquidity but also about minimizing risks. With our cross-exchange market-making strategy, we ensure efficient markets, letting participants trade at the right prices, safeguarding their investments.

New token challenges

Every new token needs expert backing to ensure steady trading and uninterrupted market availability.

Trading Costs & Token Economics

Low liquidity widens spreads, which can increase trading costs and affect overall market health.

Premier Exchange partnerships

Major exchanges favor tokens with strong, professional market-making support, boosting their listing potential.

Upholding Project Credibility

Consistent liquidity ensures the market functions smoothly, cementing a project's reputation and building lasting trust.


Decubate Addresses these concerns by

Making sure there is always enough to trade

We're always on the job, pricing assets with great care. This careful attention helps keep the market flowing smoothly and constantly.

Customizing strategy to Match your growth

Every project is different, and so is its path to growth. We carefully adjust our tactics to match the changing pace and progress of your markets.

Engaging with
Premier Markets

Decubate extends its trading arms to all pivotal markets, both centralized and decentralized. Our adaptability keeps us in stride with emerging market trends.

Empowering through Market Insights

A treasure trove of trading analytics and insights awaits you. Deep dive into actionable statistics tailored for your benefit.

Upholding neutrality & Risk Aversion

We are committed to market neutrality. Coupled with rigorous risk management, we ensure the stability and growth of your digital assets.

How it works

how we work

We first understand your specific crypto asset dynamics and needs.

Mapping out a practical market-making blueprint that aligns with your objectives.

Regular insights and updates on market trends and your asset's performance.

Real-time adjustments to market-making strategies based on prevailing market conditions.



Top tier exchanges

Seamless market-making across top tier crypto exchanges.


Enhancing the liquidity of your cryptocurrency assets to facilitate more efficient trading operations.


With us, your crypto assets remain yours. No holding, full transparency.


We aim to provide the best service to each and every one of our clients. Our goal? Your empowerment

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