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Empower Token Utility with all-in-1 staking system

Save up to 95% of time & money
Maximize token utility & liquidity
Customize, launch & manage pools
User-friendly staking interface
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Desktop and mobile interfaces of the staking system


EVM compatible

token staking Saas

White label staking system for any web3 business looking to increase token utility and decrease token circulating supply.

easily Launch custom staking pools

Our user-friendly customization dashboard allows you to design and build your staking pools to suit your business needs.

Stylized illustration of staking pools
Staking system pool interface and rewards

reward and boost User Engagement

Create staking models that drive user engagement, alleviate sell pressure, and increase liquidity. Offer token rewards, NFTs, and whitelisting to incentivize users to stake their tokens and get involved.

Manage Your Staking Pools with Ease

Our platform offers a range of tools and features to help you easily manage your staking pools. Monitor performance, adjust pool parameters, and more with real-time analytics and easy-to-use tools.

Pool creation form

How it works

Effortlessly Launch and Customize Token Staking Pools

The simplicity of our staking system will benefit your business by saving you time and resources, so you can focus on what matters - growing your business.

Connect your wallet & enter the management panel. From here, you'll have access to all of the tools and features you need to launch and manage your staking pools.

Wallet connection to access the management system

Choose between token-locking staking pools, liquidity token staking pools and NFT staking pools.

Management system pool types

Choose staking rewards, APY rewards, pool duration, capacity, and more to create a staking pool that perfectly aligns with your business goals.

Staking system pool parameters

Our platform offers real-time analytics and easy-to-use tools to help you monitor performance, adjust pool parameters, and more.

Staking system management panel

Token holders can now claim their tokens on your customized claim portal, increasing engagement with your business.


The Ultimate Staking system for Web3 Businesses

Easily launch and customize staking pools, choose staking rewards, and in-depth access analytics to drive user engagement and increase token value.

Management Panel

Intuitive management panel that enables you to create and customize your staking pools with no technical expertise required.

Management panel components

Design Your Ideal Staking Pools

Create staking pools that suit your specific business needs, whether you want to create token-locking staking pools, liquidity token staking pools, or NFT staking pools we support them all.

Varied elements of different staking pool types

Choose Rewards that users want

Select out of a range of staking rewards to incentivize users to stake their tokens and get involved. Options include token rewards, NFTs, and whitelisting.

Image of 3 possible staking reward types: tokens, NFTs and whitelists

Advanced Security Measures

Our platform is backed by fully audited smart contracts, so you can trust that your staking pools are secure and transparent.

Padlock visual with Decubate logo inside

Audited by

Support for Multiple Blockchains

Our platform is compatible with all EVM-compatible chains so that you can launch and manage your staking pools on any blockchain.

Collection of EVM compatible blockchains

Customizable Branding

With our customization dashboard, you can choose the colors, buttons, logo, fonts, and more to create a staking portal that perfectly reflects your brand.

3 examples of different product branding

Build Your Own Token staking system?

Consider the Hidden Costs.

Build yourself

It may seem easy to build your token staking system, but consider all the costs and time it takes to develop it yourself.

Smart contract dev
Unit & E2E testing
Contract auditing
Approximate cost

Decubate staking system

With the Decubate staking system you can avoid these hidden costs and get a credible battle-tested solution thoroughly audited for security. Our platform is easy to use and customize, so you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about the technical details and costs.

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Use cases

One system for endless use cases

We empower a wide range of businesses and organizations looking to add token utility and reward their users. Here are just a few examples of how the platform can be used.

Trading chart candles with long lower wicks, representing strong buy momentum.

Stake to reduce token sell pressure

Incentivize your token holders to lock their tokens out of circulation by rewarding them with tokens, whitelisting, NFTs, tiers, discounts and much more.

3D render of 3 persons

Stake to Boost user engagement

Creating custom staking pools that align with your business goals and tokenomics, you can drive user engagement and increase the value of your token utility.

3D render of a tier pyramid

Implement a Tier system

Bring your staking to the next level by giving token stakers a tier or badge for staking a specific number of tokens in any pool

3D render of a vault door and colorful cubes coming through it

Stake to earn NFTs

Incentivize users to stake their tokens by offering exclusive NFTs, and drive user engagement and interest in your web3 business.

3D render of an ascending liquidity chart

Stake to Increase liquidity

By offering liquidity token staking pools, you can increase liquidity on decentralized exchanges through rewarding liquidity providers.

3D render of an nft card and a present

Boost staking rewards for NFT holders

If you're looking to use tokens as marketing incentives, such as for giveaways or airdrops, the Decubate White Label Staking System can help you automate the distribution of your tokens.

3D render of an approval check mark

Stake for whitelisting

Stake tokens to gain exclusive access to upcoming events and promotions with Decubate's staking platform. Build a dedicated community and drive user engagement for your web3 business.

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