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Decubate white label staking platform

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Decubate white label staking platform is an all-in-one staking solution for tokens, NFTs, liquidity pool tokens, and more.

Demand for DeFi staking platforms increases as creating and launching tokens becomes easier. Staking tokens has grown tremendously in the past years. Since 2021, interest in crypto staking has increased by 70%, according to Glimpse. More crypto companies have begun implementing staking systems to increase token utility, decrease volatility, and increase liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

So what is a staking platform, and should you create one for your project?

What is a staking smart contract? 

While smart contracts are programs stored on a blockchain that activate only when certain conditions meet, staking smart contracts reward token holders for committing their tokens to a particular cause. A staking platform's core aspect is using smart contracts to be versatile, secure, and transparent. Conditions of a staking smart contract usually involve locking or committing tokens for a predetermined duration to receive rewards, tiers, discounts, allocations, voting power, and other general benefits.

What is a white-label staking system?

A white-label staking system is a ready-to-deploy crypto staking platform that can be customized and marketed as an independent brand. White-label staking systems are an excellent way for projects to hit the ground running and quickly incorporate staking into their business. White-label staking systems offer robust interfaces, liquidity staking pools, customizable admin controls, wallet deposits and withdrawals, and more.

What is Decubate Assured Token Staking (ATS)? 

Decubate's Assured Token Staking (ATS) is a highly customizable and secure white-label staking system. ATS empowers projects to increase the utility and stability of their token by rewarding their token holders with passive yields for locking tokens, including LP tokens and NFTs.

What are the benefits of a white-label staking system? 

  • Saves crucial time: Why try to reinvent the wheel? Your project can better focus on product development, community building, and marketing.
  • Save money: Developing a staking platform includes smart contract development, front-end development, designing, auditing, and not to mention maintenance costs.
  • Easy maintenance: Enable any team member to manage your staking platform through a no-code-based management panel that interacts with any blockchain.
  • Worry less: Using a white-label staking system is battle-tested, allowing you to avoid colossal smart contract vulnerabilities.
  • Wen launch? Launch now! Nobody has time for waiting. Schedule a demo today and launch tomorrow.

What makes ATS different from other staking solutions?

Decubate ATS is one of the world's most intuitive staking solutions. It empowers projects to go the extra mile and deliver compelling benefits to their token holders for locking up project tokens. Decubate staking platform supports a wide range of features such as liquidity staking, NFT staking, and compounding pools. We take pride in the little details (as you might have noticed, we have a healthy obsession with user experience). Our staking portal provides projects with the tools to create a customizable experience for their token holders. We've said it before, and we'll repeat it: Great UX separates good projects from great projects (naturally, we're a bit biased, but we like to think we have the best staking product on the market).

What is white-label liquidity pool staking? 

Similarly to a white-label staking portal, white-label liquidity pool staking enables projects to deploy and implement liquidity pools for their token holders quickly. A liquidity pool is a smart contract that holds two tokens as trading pairs which combine into a liquidity pool token (LP). Liquidity pool tokens utilize within decentralized exchanges as liquidity boosters, which decrease token volatility. Anyone can provide the two trading pair tokens to any liquidity pool in exchange for LP tokens holding a percentage of that specific pool.

Decubate white label staking platform features:

  • Multiple staking reward strategies (compounding rewards, NFT rewards, and more).
  • Portal management panel to generate staking pools in just a few clicks.
  • Customize staking portal color, buttons, logo, fonts, and more.
  • Support MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coin98 Wallet, Wallet Connect, and more.
  • Support for Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, AVAX, and Polygon.
  • Fully audited EVM-compatible smart contracts.
  • Analytics dashboard to access token holder insights.
  • Intuitive UX for ease of use across all devices.

What Blockchains does Decubate staking platform support?

The Decubate ATS smart contract is EVM compatible. We currently support Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, AVAX, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Tron, and KCC.

Learn more about Decubate white label staking platform

Is Decubate white label staking platform safe? 

Decubate staking system is audited successfully by leading global security firms Haechi Audit, Hacken, and Certik. Decubate has more than 30 clients using our white-label DeFi solutions. All smart contracts are always in possession of the project, and Decubate does not hold any user funds. In other words, the staking platform is DeFi and non-custodial. 

What projects use Decubate staking platform?

Our clients, including GMR AlgoBlocks, Bit Hotel, Solidus, Animalia, Ethereum Towers, and ARize, use ATS to engage their token and NFT holders. The crypto community is a tight-knit community built upon trust.

ARize testimonial:

We had plans to build our staking solution, but we saved a lot of valuable time by not having to produce it ourselves. Time constraints are a big thing when fundraising and bringing your token to market, so wherever we can save time with such a solution makes a lot of sense.

GMR testimonial:

We have wanted a staking solution for a while; building our own would have delayed other products we set to release. Decubate’s staking platform (ATS) is easy to customize, and the management dashboard is straightforward.

Bithotel testimonial:

"Decubate is a professional and transparent tech partner of Bit Hotel that has enabled quick deployments of all ecosystem web-3 services around our Gamefi metaverse. Great design and customizability; recommend working with them."