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Saakuru IDO: What is Saakuru (SKR)

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Users often face challenges that impact their interaction and engagement in the Web3 community. One significant issue is the high fees for transactions on Ethereum, especially for small payments or dApp approvals. These costs can be a barrier for many users due to financial constraints. High costs make it difficult for users to fully engage with decentralized applications and enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology.

To address these issues, Layer 2 protocols offer solutions with lower fees, faster transactions, and a more intuitive user experience. We are excited to introduce Saakuru IDO, our next project to eliminate these pain points. Saakuru provides a fee-free environment, making it accessible and user-friendly, ultimately revolutionizing how users interact with Web3.

Saakuru IDO Details

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Whitelist Open: TBA
Guaranteed Allocation: 28/05/2024 11 AM UTC (22 hours)
FCFS Round: 29/05/2024 9 AM UTC (1 hour)
Total Allocation: $300,000
Token Price: $0.025 per $SKR
TGE Availability: 25%
Vesting Schedule: 3 Months Linear Vesting
Ticker: $SKR
Chain: BNB Chain

Saakuru: Web3 Without Fees

Saakuru is a Layer 2 protocol designed to eliminate transaction fees, using the OP Stack for seamless application integration. Combining the Saakuru Blockchain and the Saakuru Developer Suite, products can integrate Web3 functionalities within a single day, enabling an efficient transition from Web2 to Web3.

The Saakuru Protocol handles over 1.4 million weekly transactions, ranking among the top 20 public blockchains due to its gasless transactions and rapid block times. Saakuru Labs has introduced its Developer Suite, featuring modules that allow products to integrate Web3 features directly, reducing costs and speeding up market entry.

The Saakuru blockchain's user-friendly interface and gasless transactions make it an ideal gateway for Web3 adoption. Every dApp on Saakuru provides a secure, fee-free platform for users to explore blockchain applications, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.

Saakuru Features

To address the issues users face, Saakuru eliminates transaction fees and facilitates an easy transition from Web2 to Web3 through two innovative solutions:

Saakuru Blockchain

The Saakuru Blockchain is a fast, EVM-compatible Layer2 solution built on Oasys rollups. It eliminates transaction fees and reduces confirmation time to 300 milliseconds, enhancing the Web3 user experience. Saakuru Labs absorbs transaction fees and whitelists developer wallets, creating a gasless environment for seamless blockchain interaction and application development with predictable costs. The network is public permission, requiring whitelisting for smart contract deployment, ensuring a clean ecosystem.

Saakuru Developer Suite

The Saakuru Developer Suite includes tools that enable individuals or companies to transition their services from Web2 to Web3 easily:

  • NFTs CRM & zkNFT Verification Platform: This platform allows businesses to securely integrate NFTs into their campaigns. It simplifies blockchain use, enabling the issuance, tracking, and exchange of NFTs like event tickets and loyalty rewards, even for those without blockchain expertise.
  • Saakuru Mobile SDK: This tool facilitates the easy integration of a Web3 wallet into apps. Its gasless nature supports crypto and NFT transactions seamlessly. Available for Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter, it offers customization options and robust security layers.
  • Token & NFT Data API: This API simplifies tracking digital assets, including NFTs and crypto tokens. It monitors asset movements across multiple blockchains, including Saakuru, Ethereum, Oasys, Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Harmony, and Optimism.
  • Saakuru’s Gamification API: This API enables businesses to integrate blockchain-based gamification. It issues NFT rewards, assigns user stats, and configures rewards via simple REST API calls, enhancing user engagement without extensive blockchain knowledge.
  • Risk Score API: This API enhances Web3 security by tracking malicious blockchain contracts and scam addresses. It can be integrated into wallets and DeFi protocols, offering risk scores and transaction history to prevent interactions with risky addresses.
  • Web3 Development Services: Eases blockchain integration for businesses. Saakuru provides affordable, swift application deployment and access to experienced Web3 developers.
  • All-in-One Saakuru Wallet App: A secure, user-friendly crypto wallet offering a suite of features. It uses Shamir’s Secret Sharing for private key protection and supports multi-chain wallets. The app provides asset discovery, cross-chain swaps, price tracking, news aggregation, crypto cashback, a DApp store, educational resources, and a referral program.

Saakuru Wallet: Secure and User-Friendly

The Saakuru Wallet app is designed to be secure and user-friendly. It provides a suite of features catering to beginners and experienced users. Support for multiple chains and advanced security measures ensure a seamless experience for managing crypto assets.

$SKR Token

SKR token

Before jumping into the Saakuru IDO. The Saakuru Protocol utilizes its $SKR token to enable a unique economic model and governance system. With an initial supply of 1 billion, $SKR token holders can vote on network decisions and participate in a staking system that reduces developer costs. The protocol ensures a gasless experience, creating an accessible and efficient environment, while demand for $SKR is driven by its utility in developer credits.

A distinctive feature of the $SKR tokenomics is its burning mechanism, which reduces the total supply through fees, DEX operations, governance actions, and a protection layer. This mechanism promotes sustainable and participatory growth of the Saakuru ecosystem.

Saakuru SKR tokenomics

$SKR Token Utilities

  • Governance: $SKR token holders can participate in network governance decisions on the Saakuru Protocol.
  • Staking: Developers can stake $SKR tokens to reduce their monthly payments using the Saakuru Network & Developer Suite.
  • Network Fees: The Saakuru Blockchain and Product Suite are completely free for users (gasless), with a delegation model that absorbs gas fees from the network operator.
  • Native Liquidity & Collateral: The $SKR token can be used on the Saakuru Network as native liquidity and collateral.

Join the Saakuru IDO on Decubate

Be part of this revolutionary journey! A frictionless Web3 experience with zero transaction fees awaits you. In just one day, you can empower any product with Web3 capability using the Saakuru Protocol and Developer Suite.

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