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A Look Inside Decubate's Evaluation Process

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The evaluation process at Decubate’s Crypto Launchpad is explained. From assessing the business model to ensuring legal compliance, find out how we carefully screen each blockchain project to match investors with the best opportunities in Web3. Learn about what makes our launchpad unique and how we maintain top standards for every IDO.

Inside a Crypto Launchpad Selection Process

Have you ever wondered how to identify the next big player on Web3?

Decubate is an all-in-one ecosystem that includes a launchpad service for innovative blockchain projects, offering Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) that connect promising startups with crypto investors seeking high-growth opportunities. But before any project launches on Decubate, we conduct a rigorous evaluation process to ensure the security and viability of each offering. In addition to our Grace Policy and multi-audited smart contracts, this process protects our users and fosters trust within the Decubate community.

Our Multi-Step Evaluation Process

Decubate prioritizes security and quality projects for our IDOs. To achieve this, we implement a thorough evaluation process with three key stages:

Stage 1: Assessing the Core

We meticulously analyze the project's core elements, including its business model, financial health, and the core team's experience. This stage also involves a review of tokenomics and legal considerations to ensure everything aligns with our standards. We check the website and the impact the project might have in the future. Most of the projects applying to get launched on Decubate won’t pass the first step.

Stage 2: Verifying Functionality & Community

We conduct a deep dive into the project's functionality during this stage. We assess the team's launch strategy and ensure the product works as intended.  Additionally, we verify the team's legitimacy and confirm the project has a genuine and engaged community.

Stage 3: Legal and Compliance Review

The final stage focuses on legal and compliance. Here, we confirm the project operates within the regulatory framework to minimize risk for our users.

High Rejection Rate: A Badge of Trust

Our rigorous evaluation process may result in a high rejection rate for IDOs. However, this shouldn't deter you. A high rejection rate signifies Decubate's unwavering commitment to selecting only the most promising and secure projects for our Launchpad. Setting a high bar ensures our users access the best opportunities within the blockchain landscape.

Proven Track Record of Success

Decubate's commitment to a rigorous evaluation process translates to solid results. Past Decubate IDO projects have consistently delivered strong results, showcasing innovative technology, fostering active and engaged communities, and generating significant returns for investors. This proven track record underscores Decubate's ability to identify high-quality projects with real potential for growth.

Thank You for Choosing Decubate

At Decubate, we prioritize creating the best and safest experience possible for our users. That's why we have a rigorous multi-layered assessment with reviews for every project on our Launchpad. We understand you're looking for the next rising stars in Web3 and are committed to helping you find them. We appreciate your trust in Decubate and look forward to being your partner in exploring the exciting world of blockchain.

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