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Decubate and Zoth Partner to Transform Real-World Assets

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Decubate and Zoth have joined forces to revolutionize the Real World Assets (RWA) sector, unlocking trillions of dollars in value. This partnership enhances access to RWAs and institutional-grade fixed-income products, driving significant growth in the multi-trillion-dollar RWA market.

Advanced Infrastructure and Attractive Returns

Decubate’s cutting-edge platform empowers developers and institutions to seamlessly engage in RWA tokenization. With advanced technology, strong security, and compliance features, Decubate provides a solid foundation for innovation. Zoth, known for tokenizing RWAs like trade finance receivables, government bonds, US Treasury Bills, and corporate credit, will leverage Decubate’s platform to bring these diverse, yield-generating assets to the Decubate community.

Expanding Access and Opportunities

Zoth’s institutional-grade fixed-income marketplace, ZOTH-FI, will offer sustainable, yield-generating RWA pools. This integration allows Decubate users to earn secure, double-digit yields on their stablecoins through ZOTH-FI.

Why Zoth Stands Out

Zoth is becoming a one-stop yield platform for secure, fixed-income generating RWAs. Key differentiators include:

  • Emerging Markets Expertise: Over four years of experience in understanding emerging markets' needs, challenges, and risks, backed by strong networks and execution capabilities.
  • Regulated Business Structures: Adoption of compliant structures, such as an SPV in Luxembourg and an Invoice Forfaiting License in UAE.
  • Comprehensive Risk Management: Implementation of real-world risk management and compliance mechanisms.
  • Web3 Innovation: Addressing traditional trade finance inefficiencies and infusing $128 billion in stablecoin liquidity into trade finance.

$ZOTH Token Utilities

$ZOTH, the core ERC20 token of Zoth, reduces reliance on centralized authorities. Key utilities include:

  • Transaction and Management Fees: Distributed to stakers participating in governance.
  • Governance Model: Zoth DAAM (Decentralized Autonomous Asset Management) ensures smooth protocol operation.
  • Fee Structure and Liquidity Mining: Appropriate fees for asset managers and opportunities to earn $ZOTH by providing liquidity.
  • DAAM Participation and Protocol Updates: Criteria for asset managers and stakers to propose improvements.

Strategic Fundraising and Future Plans

The $2.5 million fundraising by BlockchainFF (Blockchain Founders Fund) strategically lays the foundation for the upcoming $ZOTH token launch, showcasing our commitment to global collaboration and innovation in RWA tokenisation.

Enter ZOTH Atlas Portal (Incentivized Testnet -

Zoth Atlas is a gamified RWA-based points platform designed to incentivize and distribute rewards to active community participants and supporters. Here's a simple guide for Decubate users to win XP points on Atlas:

  • Visit Zoth Atlas's social tasks page.
  • If you hold $DCB token, verify it and win 1000 XP points.
  • Don’t hold $DCB yet? Head to Decubate DCB Token to learn more.
  • BONUS: KYC'd users on the Decubate platform can earn an additional 1000 XP points on Atlas.

If you are not already a verified KYC user on Decubate, click here to know more.
With a community of over 1,114,426 participants on ZOTH Atlas Portal, the platform is thriving and poised for further growth.

About Decubate

The Decubate Ecosystem stands as a steadfast bastion of innovation and progress. Here, projects and businesses find not just a platform, but a robust infrastructure designed to empower and elevate their endeavors. Our ethos revolves around fostering an environment where ingenuity flourishes and visionary ideas find fertile ground.