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What is Verida (VDA)

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The Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) sector is getting increasing interest and undergoing a significant transformation within the Web3 ecosystem. As we transition into a more interconnected and digital world, the need for secure, efficient, and transparent physical infrastructures is becoming increasingly important. DePINs are leading this change by applying decentralization and blockchain technology principles to erogate real-world services.

The importance of data privacy and management cannot be overstated. DePIN offer a unique proposition, especially now with so many AI protocols constantly looking for our data. DePINs provide a secure, transparent framework for managing and interacting with physical devices. Still, they can also enhance the security and efficiency of the system, ensuring the privacy and integrity of the data involved.

We are pleased to announce the IDO of Verida on our platform, a groundbreaking (DePIN) focused on self-sovereign private data, set to revolutionize data privacy in the Web3 ecosystem, putting control back into the hands of users.

Verida IDO Details

Whitelist: Live - Starts 8/05/2024 11:00 AM UTC  Ends 14/05/2024 11:00 AM UTC
Guaranteed Allocation:  14/05/2024 11 AM UTC (22 hours)
First Come First Serve Round: 15/05/2024 9 AM UTC (1 hour)
Total Allocation: 250,000$
Token Price: $0.05 per $VDA
TGE Availability: 25%
Vesting Schedule: 3 Months Linear Vesting after TGE
Ticker: $VDA
Chain: Polygon

Secure your Data

The shift from Web2's centralized control to Web3's decentralized world puts user ownership of data front and center. That's where Verida comes in.

Verida is a game-changer for interacting with our digital selves and assets. It's built on the idea that everyone deserves to own and control their personal data. Verida envisions a future of hyper-personalization, where user data is private, belongs to the individual, and is accessed with consent to create innovative products and services.

Just like DeFi is shaking up traditional finance, Verida offers the tools and tech to revolutionize the websites and apps billions use every day. Their goal? To decentralize every industry, one by one.

Verida tackles core Web2 issues and fills Web3's infrastructure gaps. It empowers users with control and privacy over their data, allowing them to unlock value based on their choices. This opens the door to hyper-personalization and a wave of user-centric innovation.

They're building an open-source framework for interoperable Web3 infrastructure. It connects off-chain personal data to on-chain dApps, enabling decentralized identities and data to build online reputations and identities for Web3.

They've also created a decentralized personal data network, fostering new privacy-focused business models for companies to challenge the current centralized giants. Verida is working to bring Web2-quality user experiences and developer tools to Web3.

Verida Features

Verida's multiple offerings include the following products and services:


The open-source Verida protocol offers toolkits to expedite developer onboarding. Within the Builders Toolkit, a collection of SDKs assists developers in creating self-sovereign applications. These applications utilize the Verida network and interact with smart contracts on compatible blockchains.

Verida Wallet

A mobile application serving as both a Data Wallet and a Crypto Wallet, offering:

  1. Identity: Users can create decentralized identities, manage private keys, and enable single sign-on across decentralized apps.
  2. User Data: Allows browsing of decrypted data, consensual data sharing, and querying without sharing. Data can also be moved to different storage services.
  3. Inbox: A secure data inbox for receiving and acting on messages, requests, and data.
  4. Profiles: Users can create and manage public and private profiles, which are shareable with third parties.
  5. Tokens and Transactions: Interaction with supported blockchains, including signing transactions, transferring assets, managing NFTs, and earning Verida token rewards

Verida Network

The first self-sovereign database network designed to store private data. It provides a secure and private database infrastructure where users can own and control their private data. This network disrupts existing industries and technologies, establishing a new data economy; as users contribute more data, the aggregate value increases for users and the network. Verida captures value through data sharing, messaging, validation processes, and new market creation.

Verida One

A public, decentralized platform allowing users to store all their identities across Web2 and Web3. Users can manage multiple identities and control what they display.

$VDA Token

Verida Tokenomics Distrbution

$VDA is the native utility token for the Verida ecosystem and has a fixed total supply of 1 billion tokens. It plays a crucial role in coordinating resources within the network, establishing a data economy that facilitates secure interactions between accounts, and supporting multiple functions such as secure data storage, trusted sharing, fast querying, and reliable messaging.

Notably, the network rewards storage node operators who stake $VDA and provide storage capacity and end users who contribute their data to the network. Users can pay for their own storage requirements using $VDA, and applications may also cover storage costs on behalf of their users.

Join the Verida IDO on Decubate

The opportunity to be part of the DePIN and data privacy revolution in Web3 is here! Join us in our Verida IDO and take a step towards a more secure, transparent, and user-centric digital world.
Follow our social pages for more details on the IDO and participation.

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