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Deliver Great Investor Experiences With Decubate Vesting

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Decubate is a web3 software company and investor club. Our vesting and staking products help leading crypto projects increase token holder engagement.

Customer Experience Matters

The value of delivering great customer experiences is well documented. Brands with superior customer experience bring in 6x more revenue than competitors, are 60% more profitable and have 5x more loyalty. The stakes are even higher to deliver great customer experiences in web3 where customers are now investors.

A major pain point for both projects and investors is token distribution and management. Projects typically conduct token sales across multiple launchpads with various vesting and emissions strategies per sale type. This complexity causes investor confusion and FUD about token distribution which can lead to reputational damage to the project and an increase in sell pressure.

What is Decubate Vesting?

Our Vesting product streamlines the investor management experience by empowering projects to deliver a highly intuitive vesting dashboard where investors can track and manage their token holdings. Investors can view their total token allocation, monitor their vesting schedule and claim available tokens, all from one place.

Delivering a great experience to your investors is easy with Decubate Vesting. Create vesting strategies, add wallets and customize dashboard branding in minutes. ATV is also incredibly safe. ATV has been certified by Haechi Audit, an industry leading smart contract auditor that’s completed audits for over 300 partners including the Ethereum Foundation, 1inch and SushiSwap.

Projects choose Decubate Vesting to:

1. Strengthen investor relationships

Own and maintain direct relationships with your investors.

2. Reduce token distribution FUD

Clearly display and communicate all token distribution strategies in one place.

3. Increase token stability

Control the token circulation and vesting experience.

4. Grow website traffic

Increase visitation and time spent on site.

Get started with Decubate Vesting today

Visit the Vesting product page.

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