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Thriving through the bear market

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Decubate has shifted from being a launchpad to a comprehensive web3 software company. This change has allowed us to tap into a larger, more stable market and diversify our revenue streams for the long term. The team is excited to continue making contributions that will benefit developers and users alike. Decubate has just started. Read along to understand our strategic transition and how it will benefit our community in the longterm

In June, we shared our thoughts on the current bear market and elaborated on our new company direction. TLDR: we went from being a launchpad with software options to a comprehensive software company earlier this year.

Even though it's been a few months, some people are still confused about the change in the company narrative. We understand how you feel, and we're here to help explain what Decubate has evolved into in greater detail.

Why did we change things?

Things don’t happen overnight, and neither does this. Here’s what made us rethink our approach:

The market turned sour, and it became clear that solely launching new projects was no longer a longterm viable business strategy. Instead, we decided to focus on developing scalable, high-quality software solutions for web3 projects worldwide. This shift allowed us to tap into a larger, more stable market and diversify our revenue streams.

We were already looking for ways to make our business more scalable and sustainable, and the transition to software fits perfectly with our long-term vision. For web3 projects, the change means access to a wider range of services and products tailored specifically to their needs. Our software solutions are designed from the ground up with user experience at the forefront, ensuring that each client gets exactly what they need when they need it. At Decubate, we believe that quality is key in building software solutions. Rather than pushing out as many products as possible, we take the time to develop each of our solutions to fit the varying needs of our clients.

We’re working to achieve an ‘evergreen’ status in terms of product, thereby circumventing market dynamics greatly in our favor. Our team realized that by developing strong and reliable software that could stand the test of time, we would be able to gain a loyal following among users and clients. This would make us less dependent on market trends or fluctuations, giving us more control over our success as a software company.

How does the community benefit from us as a software company?

The elephant in the room: what’s in it for you? Our mission is to provide the tools and resources needed to easily launch and manage a web3 business so that anyone can participate in the decentralized economy of the future. By better aligning ourselves with this goal, we can provide our community with new projects to engage with and build streamlined software solutions that enable them to launch and manage their tokens more effectively.

Our constant development of new products, such as NFT staking and Liquidity staking, will help to foster a more robust ecosystem for Web3 projects and investors overall. We are deeply committed to supporting and nurturing the Web3 community as a software company. We see our work as an investment in the future of Web3 development, and we are excited to continue making contributions that will benefit developers and users alike.

As the Decubate name continues to expand its reach within the Web3 community, likely, this will positively impact our token price when the market strengthens. To build upon this momentum, we're also making changes that will reward users much more handsomely when they refer new users and projects to us. This benefits everyone in the community and the person making the referral.

Becoming a software company was a strategic transition, one that has yielded fruitful relationships and strategic partnerships, which have also increased in several strategic partnerships and allowed us to offer more value to our community at large. If you have a project that you think we would be interested in, please let us know by filling out the registration form below. We would love to take a look!

So, no more crowdfunding?

While it's incorrect to state that one way of thinking is all that matters, the market demands that we act both before and after an event. For example, selling ice cream at an amusement park in the middle of winter would be pointless. In other words, being sensitive to seasonal changes in customer behavior should guide how we approach up and down markets.

Although crowdfunding will make a comeback when the market is more encouraging, our focus will be on software development. We're currently exploring ways to join launches with our software. This could mean that in the future, our customers will be able to get a software product bundled with their launch package. We believe that by adapting to market conditions and staying attuned to what our users need, we can provide valuable products and services that help build stronger Web3 communities worldwide.

Once projects start launching tokens into the market we have several projects willing to do campaigns with Decubate which will benefit all our community members!

Where are we headed to?

Our philosophy is simple: we want to be the go-to provider for Web3 software. Connecting with our users helps us provide software solutions and services, partner with other companies in the industry, or simply listen to what our community wants. Everything we do is so that they may succeed.

We are deeply grateful to our users and supporters who have been with us through this difficult time. Despite market conditions that have not always been ideal for crowdfunding campaigns, we remain committed to building innovative software products and supporting the Web3 community. We are confident that better days are ahead for us as we build better tools and products that help drive innovation and growth in Web3.

The Web3 community is full of talented and ambitious people constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We are excited to be a part of this community and to continue building software solutions that help make Web3 accessible to everyone.