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Decubate Decentralized Refund Policy

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Decubate is thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our innovative feature: a decentralized refund policy now offering a groundbreaking 100% refund for investors across all tiers. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that protect our users and enhance transparency in token sales on our platform. That's why our refund policy is specifically designed to mitigate risks for investors while ensuring the success of projects fundraising on the Decubate platform.

How Decubate's Enhanced Decentralized Refund Policy Works:

Our decentralized refund policy, a product of meticulous planning and community collaboration, has been embraced by the Decubate DAO, with a staggering 92% majority vote from our investors. This overwhelming support underscores the community's confidence in this progressive feature.

Under the new structure, every user, regardless of their tier, is eligible for a 100% refund during the Grace Period. This period commences at the token listing and extends until its conclusion. During this window, users can choose to claim tokens or opt for a full refund. However, token claims negate the option for a refund.


  • What is the Grace Period? The Grace Period is a predetermined time frame that starts at the token listing and continues until the end of the grace period. During this time, users can either claim tokens or request a refund. If tokens are claimed, they lose refund eligibility.
  • How long will the Grace Period last per project? That depends on the project, its vesting period, the round we offer, and several other variables that will be negotiated separately with each project.
  • How are refunds calculated based on Decubate tiers? Regardless of the tier, all investors are now eligible for a 100% refund during the Grace Period.
  • Can I request a refund if I have claimed tokens? No, once you claim tokens during the Grace Period, you forfeit your eligibility for a refund.